FAT WALLY Sportsman Coolers
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The fisherman & hunter’s friend and
uardian of the Catch

Take FAT WALLY along to keep your catch fresh. Made of the same materials as Nilkamal commercial tote products. Many sizes to choose from.

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Capacity: 10 LB. to 600 LB., 7 Gallon to 82 Gallon

Standard color: White

Small & Medium Size Insulated Ice Chests

Insulated ice chests for keeping food, fish, meat & dairy products “Fresh” over the long haul.

To view a chart with all cooler dimensions and details click here.

7 Gallon / 25 Ltr.

14 Gallon / 50 Ltr.

19 Gallon / 70 Ltr.

19 Gallon / 70 Ltr.

26 Gallon / 100 Ltr.

26 Gallon / 100 Ltr.

32 Gallon / 120 Ltr.

40 Gallon / 150 Ltr.

58 Gallon / 220 Ltr.

66 Gallon / 250 Ltr.

82 Gallon / 310 Ltr.

FAT WALLY’s Cooler Box Accessories

Ice Substitutes: Reusable Plastic Gel Blocks, Gel Packs, Natural Ice Sheets (WALLY’s FAKE ICE)

Fish Cutting boards sized to lock fit into most top lids.

Rust-Proof” Raised-Deck Tote Platforms with fitted gunwale ties. Available for most ice coolers.

Tote Dollies with locking casters custom made for your application.

Accessory OPTIONS:

Other color choices and company or organization multi-color logo printed sidewalls available on large orders.

Some coolers come with optional hinge lid, optional No Drain or Multi-Drains and Vend Opening Tops (hand hole with closure)

Insulated Flex-Tote Bags for preserving the “Catch”

Sized for landing commercial tuna, swordfish and large game fish as well as the hunter’s whitetail deer.

These “bring-um-home-fresh” bags are 1/2" to 3/4" thick insulation covered on the outside by tough, fiber-reinforced PVC. Heavy-Duty plastic zippers and large carrying loops make it easy to bring home the day’s catch.

B-12CA-0008 - Small Fish Cooler Bag
holds 200-300 lbs of fish
30" x 50"

B-14CA-0004 - Medium Fish Cooler Bag
holds 300-400 pounds of fish
30" x 65"

B-15CA-0009 - Large Fish Cooler Bag
holds 800-900 lbs of fish
40" x 80"

B-16CA-0010 - Blue Marlin Bag
30" x 96"

B-18CA-0011 - Blue Marlin Extra Large Bag
60" x 96"

B-20CA-0007 - Big Eye Tuna Bag
40" x 84"

B-22CA-0012 - Yellow Fin Tuna Bag
40" x 60"

B-25CA-0013 - Wahoo Fish Bag
holds 100lb Wahoo
20" x 65"

B-26CA-0014 - Large Wahoo Fish Bag
holds (2) 100lb Wahoo’s
20" x 72"

TKC-1CA-0015 - Tournament King Cooler
holds 100lb of fish
20" x 60"

Fish bags are the only bags on the market with leak-proof heat sealed construction that keeps your boat clean. Heavy-duty, fiber interlaced PVC skins with superior double layer, closed-cell foam insulation. Bags can be hoisted up.

For sword fish use the Double Marlin or Giant Tuna bag. The Marlin is zipped at top and stronger for transport. Giant is bigger and zips three sides / more for preserving bigger fish on board.

Some of our other products include:

Commercial Insulated Tote Boxes
Boxes for commercial transporting, storing and processing fish and food products while preserving freshness over long time periods.
Specialty Insulated Totes & Bags
Fabricated or custom made for your specific seafood handling need or process.
“Nest & Stack” Crates & Tote Bins
Rigid Non-Insulated Econo Bulk-Bins for heavy fish process, storing and transport. “Nest & Stack” Tote Crates for handling, sorting and processing fish & seafood as well as non-food items.
Plastic Pallets
Hygienic “Easy Kleen” HACCP Approved HD pallets as well as HD Industrial static load and racking pallets. Call us for a quote and sample for your specific need.
Specialty Products & Services
The following products and services are not available presently but are in process. Please feel free to make inquiries.
Insulated Fish Totes for shellfish depuration, live transport and large game fish (Tuna & Sword fish)
Plastic Weld Guns and accessories for fish totes and other plastic weld repairs.
“On-Site” fish tote plastic weld repair service.
We’ll help you fill your container needs.

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